October 20, 2022


Hello Parents / Kids / Students / Teachers


INTERNATIONAL LEVEL KIDS ONLINE CONTEST 2022 It is a Great Platform to Express Your Kids Talents Whatsapp @ 98435 75557 for Registration / Queries CATEGORY
A : Nursery, L.K.G, U.K.G, 1st Grade B : 2nd, 3rd, 4th Grade C : 5th, 6th, 7th Grade D : 8th – 12th Grade E : Anyone can Participate (Open for All)
F : Buds (Kids Age Upto 3)

Prize :

Winner Trophy, Winner Medal and Hard copy Winner Certificate will be provided for Top 3 Winners for Each Category
All Participants will be Get Medal & Participate E-Certificate.

Extra Rewards :

Participating in 6 Events / Winning 3 Events will receive "Performance Award"
Participating in 8 Events or Winning 5 or more events will receive "Multi Talented Kid Award"

Events / Competitions :

1.Drawing / Colouring 2.Hand Writing 3.Essay Writing 4.Rhymes/ Poem Recitation 5.Dance 6.Fancy Dress / Dressup 7.Singing 8.Story Telling 9.Speech 10.Art & Craft 11.Slokas 12.Thirukkural 13.Selfie with Loved Ones 14.Thumb Painting 15.Personal Talent (Yoga / Silambam / Karate / Music Instrumental, Etc.,)
All entries Send to talentfestivalofindia@gmail.com
along with Name, Class, Category, Event Name, Mobile Number

Kindly Register for new users and Get Register ID Number :

For Registration : www.bit.ly/tfoi2022 For more details : https://bit.ly/TFOI2022 Whatsapp No : 98435 75557
The Submission of Photo/Video / Art Works send to talentfestivalofindia@gmail.com
along with Name, Class, Category, Event Name, Mobile Number
Registration Fee Rs.260/- (Per Event)
Scan & Pay :

Payment Mode : (Gpay/phonepe /paytm : 9003 595 595)

Events / Competitions Details:

1.Drawing / Colouring
Topic :  Navratri / Diwali / Festival Of India/ Any Indian Festivals / Childrens Day (Coloring for Category A)
Submit 2 Drawing photos (Clear Drawing Picture and Selfie with Drawing)
2.Hand Writing
Min 10 Lines About Childrens Day / Diwali / Navaratri / Indian Festivals
submit 2 photos (Clear Handwriting Paper and Selfie with Handwriting)
3.Essay Writing Min 20 Lines, A4 sheet
Topic: Navratri/ Diwali / Festival Of India / Childrens Day

Submit 2 photos (Clear Essay Writing paper and Selfie with Essay writing)

4.Rhymes/ Poem Recitation
Submit 1 to 3 minutes Rhymes (Any Rhymes)

Any Style Any song Any Language Submit 2 to 5 minutes  video

6.Fancy Dress / Dressup
Theme: Navratri / Diwali / Festival Of India / Childrens Day / Any Character

Submit 2 photos / Video (Dressup Photo and Kids profile photo)

Any Style Any Song Any Language
Submit 2 to 5 minutes Video

8.Story Telling
Topic : Your wish

Language :  English / Hindi / Tamil Submit  : 2 to 5 minutes video

Theme : Navratri / Diwali / Festival Of India / Childrens Day / National Leaders

Language : English / Hindi / Tamil/ Any Indian Regional Language

Submit 2 to 5 minutes Video

10.Art & Craft

Topic : Best out of Waste / Greetings / Creative

Submit : 2 Photos and Videos Minimum 2 minutes

Submit 1 to 2 minutes Video

12.Thirukkural (Minimum 5Kural)
Submit 30Seconds  to 2 minutes Video

13.Selfie with Loved Ones

Submit Selfie Photo of Your Loved ones

14.Thumb Painting

Submit 2 Painting Photos (Clear Painting Picture and Selfie with Painting)

15.Personal Talent  (Yoga / Silambam /Karate / Etc.,) Submit  1 to 5 minutes Video and Profile Photo

www.talentfoundation.co.in Help & Support Whatsapp Us +91 98435 75557 Let us be your first step and a way to reach your miles.

Colouring for Category A :